Brahma Mitra
Brahma Mitra is a friendship feature. This will bring all the brahmins from across the world on one platform. We can exchange our views & make friendship with other Brahmins. This feature would have photos, one should be able to upload posts, videos, photos, comments, likes, dislikes, share within the community. There should be a pvt meesenger or inbox kind of thing which wont be accessible others (can be called khajgi or confidential). Any other things which can be added as we think on it.

Brahma Vyapar:
Under this feature all business services, traders/ builders/brokers etc can display their products & services. The registration & display would be totally free for.

Brahma Vivaha:
This feature would include only brahmin matrimonial. This would be for all India Brahmins & should have all languages across the nation. There should be special segment for counselling where we can counsel the parents, boys & girls. This is to ensure for early marriage, to stop intercaste marriages. In some cases interstate marriages can be promoted.