We urge everyone to donate for Education, Health, Cow-Seva, Purohit Seva & Anna Seva.

The fund collected under this head would be equally divided among the above 5 heads.

Education: There are lot of students who require financial help to pay their college fees. Brahma satya would be help needy students financially paying their fees directly to the educational institutions.

Health: There are many people who do not get medical treatment in time due to economic problems. In this case we would help them to get the required treatment from the designated hospitals & medical professionals.

Cow seva: Everybody should do cow seva. It is difficult to tame cow in the cities but through us you can do cow seva.

Purohit seva: There is a generation who dont have anybody to look after as they are not married. It is a moral duty of us to look after them.

Anna seva: Food to needy is very essential. So feed to needy people is our duty.

We once again appeal to everyone to share their contribution for the abive 5 good deeds.